The RC Way

Our process flexes to meet the individual needs of you and your space. Rare Corners will partner with you to find a work flow that meets the needs of each project and any individual requests — generally, we’ll work towards a basic three stage structure: in-home consultation, inspiration and installation.

Vintage home decor styling service in South Jersey. Shop our showroom in Haddonfield, NJ for the best vintage home decor, furniture and accessories.


The best way to understand the needs of our clients and their personal style is through an in-home consultation. Together we’ll explore project desires, must-haves, vintage inspiration, and initial ideas and opportunities.

Rare Corners works with clients who want to style their space with already-owned items as well as those looking to add something new or those who want to completely re-invent a current space or corner into something unique. We’ll use the in-home visit to see the space(s) and discuss your wants and wishes and everything in between.

Get style inspiration from Rare Corners or shop our showroom in Haddonfield, NJ for the best vintage home decor, furniture and accessories.


After our in-home consultation, Rare Corners will begin brainstorming the perfect styling solution for your corner. We’ll share inspiration and product suggestions (vintage or other) and include styling themes for your feedback prior to installation. We can also arrange a visit to our showroom so that you can shop decor and accessories for yourself and your space as well.

Rare Corners provides home decor and styling services in South Jersey. Work with us today or shop our showroom for the best vintage finds in Haddonfield, NJ


Here’s where the real magic happens. The installation is our play time to work with the selected direction and chosen new pieces to style and dress your space. Soon you’ll have new, thoughtful corners that give your home a vintage flair all its own.